Connect Marketing, in a flexible approach, will draw together the recognized standards of the Commercial Real Estate Industry's Representation and Property Types along with current Commercial Real Estate Marketing Trends to execute quality Marketing Solutions for you and your Company.

Based on mutual respect and clarity, Connect Marketing draws from the best proven Commercial Real Estate Marketing practices and always considers offering you and your company an applicable course of action for you and your company to consider. We empathizes each project proposal as a discussion document.

Every commercial real estate marketing projects design is different so the best results for each project will come from trust between you and your company and Connect Marketing.  The most effective way to assure trust and expectations are met for both you and your company and Connect Marketing’s specialists/designers we suggest a conference meeting, whether in person, face-time, or conference call to form a realistic connection to cover all aspects of the project including possible options available for you and your company and any specific expectations desired by you and your company to provide the most accurate project estimate. Connect Marketing’s Project estimate is adaptable to the unique circumstance that may occur during or after the initial estimate has been provided to you and your company and can be replaced or invoiced according to the work completed.

Connect Marketing’s project estimates express the scope of work assembled through mutual negotiations and will include the process, the schedule, and the total estimated price (usually in the form of a fixed fee or estimated hourly rate ). All services pursuant to the estimate negotiated by both Connect Marketing and you and your company will be described in one or more mutually agreed-upon and jointly executed proposals by Connect Marketing describing in detail the scope, nature and other relevant characteristics of services to be delivered by Connect Marketing. 

Connect Marketing will provide you and your company with an electronic estimate/proposal for each project received from you and your company unless agreed upon by both parties via email. A copy of Connect Marketing’s Service Agreement will be provided at introduction to you and your company and will require you and your company to provide your authorized signature of approval. The signed Service Agreement may be returned to Connect Marketing via email unless otherwise specified by you and your company prior to approval.

No work on a project will be provided as completed until signed acceptance of the initial Service Agreement is email back to Connect Marketing by you and your company unless agreed upon via email.

All electronic signatures will be accepted as written. No digital signature will be required unless specified by you and your company at the beginning of estimate negotiations.

Please call, email or submit any questions you may have below. We look forward to providing you and your company with Powerful Commercial Real Estate Marketing for your Independent Success with the very best in Brand Value Equity and Property Listing Awareness.


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